One Skirt- Two Looks!

Hey guys! Today I'm back with another fashion inspired blog post, this time featuring a new favorite skirt of mine from forever21!  Like I've said before, I love shopping at forever21 to find cute, trendy pieces. During my last trip there with my younger sister, I picked up this cute black skirt that buttons half... Continue Reading →

Summer Lovin’

"Summer loving had me a blast, Summer loving happened so fast, I met a girl crazy for me, Met a boy cute as could be, Summer days drifting away to those oh oh the summer nights" I don't know about any of you, but when I hear summer I can't help but think of this... Continue Reading →

June Favorites!

Once again, I am late on the game. Ha, I swear every month just goes by so dang fast! I know I keep saying it, but these months just fly by.  I'm back today with another favorites blog for the month of June. June was a really good month for me! I had the chance... Continue Reading →

Monthly Goals: JULY

Another month of summer has flown by my eyes, I can hardly believe it. Between work and relaxing with friends and family I  barely even noticed we made it to July already! Have you guys been up to any fun over the last few summer months? Every month I like to set a few goals... Continue Reading →

At Home Spa Day

There is nothing more I love than a relaxing day to myself! I love being able to pamper myself, make myself feel great  (both on the inside and out) and hanging out doing what I love. Today, I had the day off work, so I decided what would be better than an at home spa... Continue Reading →

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