Summer Heat


I don’t know about you all, but this scorching summer heat has me venturing out trying new fashion trends trying to keep cool! I’m from Wisconsin/Minnesota (depending on when I am at school or home for a little vacation) and this sunny weather is nothing but beautiful! One of my favorite ways to spend these gorgeous days are to go walking through some gardens just a few minutes away from my house. As for keeping cool on these hot summer days high-waisted shorts and crop tops have my vote. This beautiful white crop top is from Charlotte Russe, a very cute and trendy, affordable clothing store. The detailing on the top is crochet and absolutely adorable and really adds a bit of flare to this otherwise plain white crop top. As for the shorts, these are from American Eagle Outfitters. One thing you’ll soon learn about me is that this is my all time favorite place to buy bottoms due to their fantastic fit and long wear ability! I love pairing crop tops with high-waisted shorts because for me I just feel more confident when I’m a bit more covered up, and let’s face it, the best thing you can ever wear is confidence (along with a great smile). This is definitely my go to summer look on hot days this summer!

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4 thoughts on “Summer Heat

  1. Love the outfit and I agree with you about the crop tops and high waisted bottoms, but I prefer Forever 21 over Charlotte Russe.


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