Hey guys! So for today’s post I want to talk about a great company I’m sure you are all familar with, L’Oreal! I have been a huge fan of this company  for many years and thought I would share my opinion on a few of their different products.

You may or may not be familar with the website Influenster, but this is the company that I received these products from! I have been using the website for years and have found many stables in my beauty routine from them, such as the Rimmel bronzer. All you have to do to receive one of these beauty boxes (which they call a Vox Box) is make sure to review the products once you get them!

So let’s get onto the fun part now, the review!


Just look at all this beauty they sent me! By far one of my favorite boxes to receive yet! Included was the Brow Stylist Prep and Shape Pro Kit, Voluminous primer, Voluminous original mascara, Infallible never fail eye liner, and two of their Color Riche eye shadow pods.

Let’s start with the Brow Stylist kit. I’ve not really been a huge fan of these kinds of kits for brows before, I much prefer an eyebrow pencil to fill in my brows. Overall this color was a little too light for me, but it was super easy to use and gave a good amount of coverage and eliminated any sparse looking brow hairs I had. I did notice it didn’t stay in place the best but for a minimal look this could be a great product. Just overall was not a product I find myself reaching for or plan on purchasing.

Lashes are by far my favorite part of my makeup routine, I have such a bad habit of buying too many mascaras before even finishing one tube! Seriously, I have backup on backup of my favorite mascara’s. This L’Oreal one actually is one of those I keep stocked up! This mascara provides miles of length and just the right amount of volume! I own it in the deepest black color that they have and I find that it creates the best long, voluminous (the name would never predict that right?) lashes. Pairing this up the with primer just creates an even better look!

I’ve only owned one eye lash primer before that was from Lancome. I never really noticed a difference with that eye lash primer so I was not really in a hurry to try any others. Boy was I wrong! This primer is now a part of my everyday routine. I wore this followed by the Voluminous mascara this morning to work and then worked out over my lunch break and my eye lashes were still looking fabulous post gym! Between sweating, and rubbing my eyes this mascara stayed in place and looked like I had just applied it. Primer will always be a part of my routine now!

I’ve owned this Infallible eye liner in the past and have been a big fan! I’ve found that when I don’t use a liquid liner it tends to smudge on my eyelids usually. This is on of the only non liquid eye liners that I will use because of that fact. I’m still not the biggest fan, and will probably be sticking to my liquid liners but this does go on smooth and for someone who isn’t the biggest fan of liquid liners this might be perfect for you!

I love trying out new eye shadows so I was beyond excited when I saw these in the box! I got the colors 207 Pain Au Chocolat and 200 Paris Beach! These are both such beautiful colors and great for everyday wear. There is a little fallout with the shadow but nothing major that will prevent me from wearing these! The color Paris Beach I have been loving putting in the corner of my eye and under the brow as a bit of a highlight. Pain Au Chocolat is a great color for the crease when paired with a nice nude/tan/brown color! I will definitely be looking to purchase different shades of the shadows!


I highly recommend checking out the primer, mascara, and shadows! Also if you haven’t yet take a look at the Infuenster website to see if you might qualify for one of their vox boxes!

If you’ve stuck around to this point of this lengthy blog, THANK YOU! I hope you have a lovely lovely day!

-Mackenzie Rose





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