At Home Spa Day

There is nothing more I love than a relaxing day to myself! I love being able to pamper myself, make myself feel great  (both on the inside and out) and hanging out doing what I love. Today, I had the day off work, so I decided what would be better than an at home spa day *hint* the answer is nothing.

I started my day by going to the grocery store and stocking up on my favorite health favorites! Look out for a grocery haul soon! I got loads of veggies and fruit to snack on during my spa day and to make the best smoothie ever (featuring cacao powder, making it taste like a delicious chocolatey milkshake).

After finishing up my shopping I made it home and started my spa day routine by plugging in my oil diffuser  and picking out my current favorite oils, peppermint and lavender. I love these two alone, but when you put the two of them together, they are the dynamic duo! Peppermint gives off a cleanliness scent while the lavender helps to calm the mind and body and really allows me to relax!


After “setting the mood” I get out all the essentials for a nice, warm, relaxing shower. I definitely enjoy a good bubble bath but something about a hot shower just always seems so perfect! Some of these essentials I like to include are a good face wash, recently I have been using Neutragena’s Deep Clean Facial Cleanser. I like using this cleanser because it’s gentle on my sensitive skin and really cleans it off. Next up I have a fresh razor and a gentle shaving cream, any new razor and some shaving cream will do. I like using self tan on my spa days just to give me a little color to my extremely pale skin tone. I’ll get into what I use for self tanning in a little bit! Lastly, I have been using an almond oil body scrub (found at TJMaxx) to help get any dry and dead skin off. This step is extremely important if you plan on self tanning because it leaves a clean layer of skin for the tanner to grab onto.



After prepping my skin for a little self tan, it’s time to buff the tan in. I am pretty new to self-tanning, but I did do my research before jumping into tanning. I’ve been using the Tanwise brand that can be found at Sally’s Beauty. This is a cheaper alternative to Loving Tan, and works fairly well in my opinion. I use the tanning mitt from Ulta and have found this works good! Not to mention I get points for buying it, and its cheap! It doesn’t leave my skin looking orange and buffs really well to look like a natural tan.


IMG_2190        IMG_2200








Here’s my before and after using Tanwise, you can tell there is a slight difference and settle tan. This is not a major difference, but I like something that looks more on the natural side. This leaves my skin feeling soft and not orange! I live in the basement of an apartment so finding natural lighting to show the difference was a little tricky.

Face masks leave me feeling like a whole new women, so why wouldn’t I end my pampering with a sheet mask?! I love how moisturizing sheet masks are, and the fact that I can lay in bed while its on is for sure an added bonus. I pick up a few single face masks from Walgreen’s whenever I am there. They have so many options, my favorite so far is a honey peel off mask, but I sadly ran out of that one. This sheet mask left my skin feeling refreshed and hydrated. I would have taken a picture with it on to show you all, but I would hate to scare away my readers!



To end my spa day I’m going to snuggle up in my bed, make a yummy dinner (probably some pasta because this girl loves her carbs) and watch some Netflix!

Let me know how you like to spend the day pampering yourself and the products that you use!














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