Brunch with the Bestie: A Collab with Miranda Erin Blogs!

Brunch has got to be one of my favorite things to go out and do! What’s better than good coffee, good food, and some good company!


Today I’m back at it, with a collab post with Miranda Erin Blogs, not only is she one of my best friends, but she’s also my roommate! Miranda and I work at the same bakery in our town, and we often get put on for the same schedule! This makes it perfect for us to go out to brunch, our favorite meal, more often!

For this particular day, we stopped by the Blue Heron, a local coffee shop, in our town! Miranda has been here with her parents before and absolutely loves it. This was my first time trying it, but definitely not my last time there! I opted for my usual iced vanilla latte, and was not disappointed. As for me food, I ordered the quiche, which had mushroom, kale, spinach, and tomato. This was so savory and tasty! I also got a blue-berry muffin, because why not go all out!


For my outfit, I went with a “nicer” pair of jeans and a flowing top. A “nice” pair of jeans to me is ones that don’t have rips and tears all down the legs, because that’s usually my go-to for jeans! The top I have on is from forever21 and was only around 12 bucks! You can’t beat that kind of price! I love how simple the outfit is, yet cute with the hobo bag, the black wedges and the long necklace I paired with it! Simple is key when it comes to my wardrobe, I don’t like to overdue it but I still like looking cute!





Well that’s it for today’s post! Sorry I’ve been MIA lately, I’m hoping to get back again to my schedule! Hope you all have a good day, and make sure to check  Miranda’s blog!














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