December Goals

Hello everyone!

Hope you’ve all had a great week thus far! I looked at my calendar earlier this morning and realized we’re a week into December already and Christmas day is creeping up! To be honest I haven’t even begun my Christmas shopping since I’ve been so busy with finals and school.

Today I’m writing about my personal goals for the month of December and how I go about choosing these goals, and ways I try to stick with them for the month. I done a post like this before for the month of July if you want to check that post out.

Goal 1: Stick to a workout plan

Over the past couple months I haven’t stuck to a consistent workout schedule. Between school, work and my social events I found myself making up so many excuses to skip my workout some days. Now that I’m on break for the remainder of the year and a bit past the new year I am hoping to create a routine a can stick to. Hopefully this consistency will follow me over to the new semester of school. For an countable goal, I am hoping to workout 4 times per week.


I’ve always been a fan of using my planner, but now I have two and I’d say that’s not even enough! I have one for my everyday school and work schedules and task. The second planner is dedicated to health and fitness. This planner was on sale at Hobby Lobby (one of my favorite places), and I couldn’t help but snag it up. I am able to write down what I’ve been eating, even though my goal isn’t to watch what I’m eating this is still important. The planner also has a spot to write down what you did for your workout as well. These planners will be key in helping my stay accountable to my goal!

Goal 2: Read at least 1 book

With school and assignments I always find myself wanting to read my own books, but not making the time for them. This once again comes down to me making excuses for myself. Over a trip this summer my boyfriend and I went to Duluth and went on a tour of the Glensheen mansion (a really cool place, highly recommend you guys check it out) and bought a book of a possible murder mystery that took place there. I’ve been meaning to read it but never “had the time”. Over this month I am hoping to read this book and finish it!

Goal 3: Budget

Out of all three goals of mine, this is probably the most important to me. I recently had a realization that I will be out in the real world one year from now. This scares me for SO many reasons. I want to feel financially prepared when departing from college and entering the adult world. I am trying to save as much money as possible starting this month. I am only allowing myself to pay for the necessities (rent, bills, groceries). I will however allow myself to occasionally get a dinner with friends once every week or two and complete Christmas shopping.

Choose attainable goals!

When deciding to choose goals for yourself, you want to make sure they are attainable goals. I find that when it’s a goal that is reachable you don’t loose motivation half way through the month because you’ve lost hope. For all my goals I have a way of being able to count how far I’ve reached my goal. For example I could just say to workout more the month of December, but by having the workout 4 times a week, I am able to count my progress and see if I can reach my goals!


How do I stick to my goals???

I’ve found the best way for me personally to stick to my goals is to have them written out as reminders in multiple areas. I put reminders in my phone as well as write them down as tasks in my planner. I tell some of the people I talk to everyday of my goals that way they can bring them up in conversation and see how I’m doing with my goals.


Do you all have any goals for the month or ways to best be accountable to your goal? Let me know down below, I’d love to hear your ideas!





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