2017 Highlights

2017 was a year filled with so many laughs, adventures and love! Not to be Cliche but this past year was honestly one of the best years thus far. I was able to visit so many new places I’ve never been and make memories that I’ll cherish forever.


January: 1st snow mobile trip

To start my year, I went on my first snow mobile trip! My boyfriend and I went up to northern Minnesota to our friends cabin for a few days with some close friends. This was my first time on a snow mobile ever, and just to be clear I was a passenger not a driver! I loved this trip because it really brought us all closer and we had some great times up at the cabin. One side note: Do NOT trust your boyfriend to drive safely. I personally was thrown off the end of the snowmobile not once, but twice!




March: Spring Break

My next big trip was spring break! Our friend group didn’t want to do anything to extravagant so we spent 5 days in Wisconsin Dells at the Wilderness water park. Being from Wisconsin, and close to the Dells I’ve been to the Wilderness quite a few times before, but nothing was quite like this trip! We rented a big cabin and had about 10 people staying with us. We went swimming, sat in the hot tub and did some causal day drinking. It was definitely a relaxing time to forget about school for a few days.



April: 21st Birthday and More!

During 2017 I celebrated my 21st birthday! I had a great time being celebrated and shown love by my friends and family. I don’t love having tons of attention on myself, but I loved spending my birthday with my best friend and roommate Miranda (Miranda Erin Blogs)!! We went and treated ourselves to some coffee, pedicures and manicures, and a little shopping.  My birthday ended up on a Tuesday this year so we celebrated the weekend before, on my actual birthday I bought a bottle of wine, my dad ordered me a pizza and I did school work. I know, sounds LAME, but it was perfect for me!




Next up in the end of April I was able to participate in a conference in Madison, Wisconsin (close to my home town) for work! This conference was all about gender equality, and relating topics. It was an amazing experience, I was able to present a poster with two others that showed what our work on campus was doing and why it’s important. More specifically, our helpline that provides 24/7 availability to those in either a crisis situation or needing to talk about domestic violence, sexual assault, rape or much more. These topics are close to my heart (especially as a future social worker) and really allowed me to grow my knowledge on these topics. Let me tell ya, hard work truly does pay off!!



May: Anniversary!

On May 1st I was able to celebrate one year with my amazing boyfriend Nate. He is a huge part of my life and a major reason why my 2017 was so great. He’s there to reassure me that I’m in college for a reason (I have quite a few mental breakdowns a month…), and support me along the way. I could not imagine going through this last year without him by my side. Note: Peep the Pillow Pet Pixie (our first and only child we’ll have ever).




July: Chicago Birthday Celebration

In July I was able to celebrate Miranda’s 21st Birthday with her! We went back to her hometown near Chicago, Illinois for a few days and she gave me a tour our her city! This was such a fun experience, and we ate a TON of good food (always a plus)! We did a lot of shopping, eating, and exploring! As well we were able to go to the horse races, which was my first time there, and I won $17!







August: Zoo’s & Camping

Nate and I love going on little weekend trips, he likes them so he can buy four Wheeler’s, dirt bikes and all that guy stuff, I like them because I get to visit so many cool places. For this trip we went to the Kansas City Zoo! I love zoo’s, always have, always will. Let me just say, this is the absolute coolest zoo I have ever been to (I swear I’m not even exaggerating). I might be slightly biased on this because there was elephants at this zoo, and all the zoo’s I’ve been to in the past haven’t had one. If you know me well, you  know I have a slight obsession with elephants, and even have a tattoo of one! If you’re ever in the Kansas City area I would highly recommend checking out this attraction!









Growing up, my family never went camping, but we would go to our cabin a lot! I was able to go camping for the first time this year, and it was shockingly a ton of fun! Nate and I went up to Duluth for a weekend (another first of mine) and camped and hiked a few different areas. We had so much fun and I really fell in love with the town. We didn’t get too into the camping spirit though, we ended up ordering a pizza and eating it in the tent for dinner.





I also ended the year with a wonderful trip back to Duluth with Nate and his family in December! I actually have an entire post about this experience here! Check it out if you want to see some of the beautiful areas we hiked as well as Christmas lights!!





I feel so blessed looking back on this past year, so many great opportunities were given to me. As well as time spent with the people I love! I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings me and how much I’ll change and grow in the next year.

Hoping you enjoyed this quite long post, tell me what your favorite moment of 2017 was! If you have a post about your highlights leave a link down below, I’d love to read what your highlights were.





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