A Look Into My Closet: Date Night!

I absolutely love date night! I love getting ready, picking out a cute outfit and of course spending quality time with my boyfriend, Nate! I’ve been dying to go on a date night to show off some new boots I had recently bought, but ended up not even wearing them (LOL)!

Nate picked out dinner and I picked out the movie, so we went to Hu Hot and saw Daddy’s Home Two. It was such a great night, especially after not seeing each other for a few days. Dinner was amazing, Hu Hot is one of our favorite places to eat, but we try not to go too often. As for the movie (Daddy’s Home Two), everyone needs to see this movie! It was hilarious, and had us laughing the whole time.

For my Date night outfit I picked out my basics I knew I wanted to wear first. I chose my new Leather Jacket I picked up at TJ Maxx for only $25 and a pair of American Eagle Jeans. The rest was just what I thought would be the most comfortable, especially since we’d be at the movies. I picked out a camo lace-up shirt and a pair of black booties to complete the look. I love dressing up girly, bu sometimes you need to show your edgy side (at least I think so)!

I obviously had to pick up a coffee for the drive to Nate’s place (it’s usually a 45 minute drive) and Miranda was kind enough to come with and take some pictures of my outfit!




Where’s your favorite date night spot? Let me know in the comments!






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