Social Work Internship: Week One

All summer I had been anticipating the thrill and nervousness that would be my senior internship. As a person who thrives off scheduled, practical days, going into a social worker internship with a county seemed like it would be a stretch for my Type-A personality.

A little background for those of you who do not know me, I am a (super) senior in college this year. I will be graduating December 14th, upon successful completion of my internship. Let the graduation countdown begin! I will be graduating with a Bachelors degree in Social Work, along with a Criminal Justice Minor. Currently I am interning at a County in my area in the Community Services Department, specifically on-going child protection.

Before you share your judgements on child-protection, saying, “social workers just take kids away from their parents” let me give you some insight on what EXACTLY we are doing.

CPS (child protection services) workers work toward family reunification as their primary goal. Working alongside families to create safety plans among many other decisions. Yes, at times children are separated from their parents, but this requires a process with the court deciding that the parent in the current situation is not fit to parent the child. In situations like this social workers work toward placing the children with family members when possible. There is a lot more that goes into the subject of child placement, which I can happily expand on in the future.

This week has been a whirlwind of adventures, working alongside social workers at my agency. My internship is Monday-Thursday, from about eight in the morning until five at night. In my four short days so far, I have accomplished and gained so much information.

  • Online training
  • Review Intake Cases
  • Professional Visitor Training (jail training)
  • On-going case consult
  • Three Court hearings
  • Best-interest placement phone interview
  • Oversee parent visitation
  • Assist client to clinic for child’s 6 month check up
  • Personal supervision

This week has been nothing but amazing, working in the child protection field can be tough, but it can also be extremely awarding. Through these past few days, I have gained useful information to take along with me as I start my career in social work. A tip for anyone beginning an internship; be assertive. Naturally, I tend to be a very soft-spoken, shy gal. My goal for this week above all else was to be assertive, meaning; ask questions, talk to other departments in child protection, and ask to shadow social workers on my specific team.

If you guys have any questions on why I landed in child protection or social work feel free to ask! I will be using this blog as a personal outlet as well to remember this new, challenging chapter of my life.



(obligatory first day picture)

Thanks for sticking along this far!

Mackenzie Rose

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