Weekend up in Duluth

Over this last weekend, I got the chance to go visit Duluth, Minnesota, with my boyfriend and his family. Our main attraction for visiting was the Bentleyville Light Tour, and let me tell ya, they do not hold back with their light show! It was amazing, and if you know anything about me…you know I LOVE Christmas lights! I knew these lights were a popular attraction for Duluth, especially during this season, but this place was packed! As my boyfriends mom said “It’s like they were herding cattle and we were the cattle.” Nevertheless, the light show was a great experience and I’d love to see them again.











During the day we went to a few different hiking places to see the view of beautiful Duluth. These spots we went did not disappoint! I’d love to come back during warmer weather to get some more hiking in and find more hiking trails!





Hope you all have a lovely day! Let me know in the comments where your favorite hiking spots are where you live!




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